1. PILOT CORPORATION acquires personal information using the appropriate methods to deliver products or associated services to our customers in the manufacturing and sales of our products.
  2. Without obtaining the prior consent of the customer, PILOT CORPORATION does not handle personal information beyond the scope required to achieve the purposes of use in the previous section. However, based on laws and regulations, where necessary to protect human life or wellbeing, or property, or where particularly necessary to improve public health or promote sound child development, or where obtaining the consent of the customer risks hindering the performance of official business when a national governmental organization, local public authority, or a party delegated by such performs official business stipulated by laws and regulations, personal information can be provided to the appropriate third parties without the customer's consent.
  3. Within the required scope to achieve the purposes of use, PILOT CORPORATION works to maintain personal data in an accurate, current state, and when there is no longer a need to use personal data, works to delete the personal data in question without delay.
  4. Where the customer requests that personal data retained by PILOT CORPORATION that could identify the customer be disclosed, excluding cases that risk damaging the life, wellbeing, or property of the customer or a third party, or other rights and interests, or cases that risk significantly hindering the proper implementation of PILOT CORPORATION's operations, or cases that violate other laws and regulations, PILOT CORPORATION will disclose the retained personal data in question to the customer without delay.
  5. Where it delegates the processing of personal information provided by the customer to an external party, PILOT CORPORATION will perform the required, appropriate oversight of the delegated party.
  6. PILOT CORPORATION complies with laws related to the protection of personal information, and in addition to taking the required, appropriate measures for the secure management of personal data such as preventing the leak, loss, or damage to personal data, it will work to maintain and improve the initiatives and activities in the previous sections.

Handling of Customer Access Information of Our Website

On our website (, PILOT CORPORATION uses technologies such as cookies and web beacons to acquire information on customers' use of our website, but the information acquired does not identify specific, individual customers. Furthermore, PILOT CORPORATION does not use the acquired information beyond the scope of the following purposes.

 ・Analysis of customer access information for the purpose of increasing the convenience of the website and improving its contents.

 ・To identify the cause when a malfunction occurs on the website.

Furthermore, third-party companies such as Google may use cookie information to display advertisements, etc. based on the website's access history information. Please contact the individual third-party companies regarding the invalidation of advertisement display and cookies.